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"To tell true, creative stories by reflecting on the present in anticipation of the future and taking into account the past."

Khaki Productions

Khaki Productions is a production company that specialises in Television broadcast productions. Khaki strives to deliver the highest quality product. At the end of 2011, Khaki Productions and African Mirror joined forces. Wynand Dreyer's years of experience and Christelle Parrott's technological expertise enable them to meet the current challenges of the industry. Together they are a formidable team.


Khaki produced nine documentaries for the kykNET series, Formidable Women . In 2015, they produced a science series for KykNET, “Debra Deel” , which aired from July to October.

"MegaBoere " are half-hour profiles of the largest farmers in the country and series 6 was broadcast at the end of 2020.

In 2013 they produced a comprehensive documentary for the CNBC-Africa channel on DSTV about the SKA Radio Telescope .

An hour-long business documentary about the food industry in Thailand was also broadcast on CNBC-Africa in 2013.

Khaki Productions also produced the Silwerskerm short film: “Die Beleefnis” in 2013.

Khaki produced two documentaries at the end of 2017.   "AMIRA" is an hour-long entertainment program about the Opera wonderchild, Amira Willighagen.   "Christiaan Barnard: Deurbraak" commemorates the half-century celebrations of the first human heart transplant in the world.

In 2020, Khaki produced the hit series "Pelgrims" with Susan Booyens as presenter.  The series of 13 episodes explores different religions practiced by Afrikaans language speakers.

In October 2021, Khaki begins their first independently-produced documentary entitled: "Call Me Miles".

Production of this doccie was completed in mid 2022.

Wynand and Christelle were nominated for an ATKV Media Award in 2013 and

won this Award for Best Documentary programme in 2016 for "Petronella van Heerden".  

In 2017, they do it again and won another ATKV award for Best News and Actuality Programme:  MegaBoere III.

In 2018 they win two ATKV awards for "Amira" - best Entertainment programme and

"Megaboere IV" - best News and Actuality programme.

Christelle was nominated for two SAFTAs in 2019 - one for Best Cinematographer in a Documentary and

the other for Best Editing of a documentary.

Absa Mega Farmers VI was nominated for a SAFTA in 2021 in the category "Best Actuality Programme".

Christelle Parrott

Christelle Parrott

ATKV Mediaveertjies 2017 Wynand Dreyer en Christelle Parrott
ATKV Mediaveertjies 2018 Wynand Dreyer en Christelle Parrott
Wynand Dreyer

Wynand Dreyer

Photo:  Jurgen Marx

Photo:  Bernard Brand

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