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The story behind the "Hommeltuig"





Various Projects

Formidable People Profile Documentaries,


Call Me MilesIndependent documentary

Pelgrims S1, KykNET

Megaboere S6, KykNET

NEWin2022 :


"Call Me Miles" is the story of a middle-class Afrikaans family with extraordinary challenges. It is a brutal story of shock, struggle, change and acceptance. It tells how ordinary people deal with their child's trauma, pain, depression and self-hatred.

The film cuts to the bone.

Winner Overcome Film Festival
Official Selection Pride Film Fest
Chainsaw Festival Winner

The Book

MEGABOERE by Wynand Dreyer not only offers interesting profiles on established and emerging farmers with exceptional entrepreneurial spirit; he tries to unravel the recipe for success that enables modern farmers to utilise the soil in a sustainable way.

MEGABOERE is available online and at bookstores nationwide.



MegaFarmer noun. 1 visionary individual 2 idealist 3 entrepreneur 4 non-conformist


Initiative, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.


These are the qualities that make South Africa's largest farmers successful.  They are the MegaFarmers.

MegaFarmers is an agribusiness programme with a personal touch.  In each of the thirteen episodes, the presenter introduces the viewer to one of the biggest farmers in the country and finds out first hand what makes them successful. The series examines the biggest agricultural challenges and discover what solutions the country's super farmers offer.

Today's farmers need to be experts in various fields and issues ranged from personal leadership skills to land reform, water issues, new technology, food security, BEE, the environment and exports - all matters affecting food supply in the country. These businessmen and woman love the land and have managed to establish themselves internationally.


The farmers all represent different agricultural sectors from all over South Africa.

MegaFarmers introduces the celebrity personalities of South African agriculture to the viewer.

The sixth season of Absa MegaBoere was broadcast on KykNET from October to December 2020.

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